One of the inflammatory Facebook posts made by Charles Beau Menefee
FTVLive via Facebook

A local Georgia TV news-station photographer and producer has landed himself in a heap of trouble, ultimately losing his job, after posting three Facebook rants insulting Black Lives Matter and even wishing death upon members of the movement at least twice, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.

CBS46's Charles Beau Menefee, an Emmy-winning photographer-producer, slammed members of the movement, calling them "unevolved, uncivilized turds," among a range of other controversial statements.


In one post, Menefee wrote, "BLM is blocking the street … But I have a solution! How about we box everyone in and drop a [expletive] bomb on it?"

Another post read: "Wow, look at all the great things #blacklivesmatter is making happen in the world. An ARMED ignorant piece of s—t with a gold grill in his mouth like Alton Sterling was totally a reason for you unevolved, uncivilized turds to kill good, moral, moral, civilized people like police officers. Go die … "

The last post read, "I think it would be cool if someone rained gunfire down on to the ignorant human turds at the next #blacklivesmatter March."


FTVLive posted the screenshots of the rants posted on Menefee's account. The AJC confirmed through CBS46 General Manager Mark Pimental that Menefee had indeed been fired.

As AJC notes, Menefee had previously been employed at WXIA-TV, where he was nominated for a 2015 Emmy for covering Ferguson, Mo., under the category "General Assignment Report Within 24 Hours" with Matthew Pearl, but did not win. In 2012, while working at WTVR-TV in Richmond, Va., he won an Emmy for best investigative report with Catie Beck.

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