Ga. Teen Shot Dead by Homeowner After Girl Sneaks Him Into House

Jordan Middleton (screenshot)
Jordan Middleton (screenshot)

A Georgia community is left mourning for two families after a teenager was shot dead in Columbia County in an apparent misunderstanding.


At 2:47 a.m. Saturday, 17-year-old Jordan Middleton went to a home in Grovetown, where the homeowner’s daughter sneaked him in, according to WJBF. The situation quickly turned sour after the 14-year-old girl’s dad heard noises downstairs and grabbed his gun.

The family’s barking dog led the homeowner to the guest bedroom. The father, Derrick Fulton, said that he called out that he was armed and demanded that the apparent intruder identify him or herself, according to the report.


Jordan didn’t say anything, and the dog kept barking and acting aggressively. So, once again, according to the report, Fulton yelled a warning. As Fulton entered the bedroom, Jordan reportedly ran out of the guest-bedroom closet, and Fulton discharged his firearm, hitting the teen in his chest.

The high school student died at the scene.

Law enforcement was called to the home on a report of a possible burglary. However, of course there was no burglary.

“I heard about it this morning, and it’s a terrible tragedy for both families. My heart goes out to both of them. He was just a great kid. Very likable, always had a smile on his face,” Evans High School coach Kevin Kenny told the news station Monday.

Kenny said thatJordan played basketball at the school for two years before transferring to Grovetown High.


No charges have been filed in the incident so far.


Read more at WJBF.


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It seems that every year or so you hear about something like this happening. I feel bad for all involved.

My father was a correctional officer so I grew up with firearms in the home. One day my 7th grade teacher told the class that “the problem with having a gun is that you are likely to use it if you have it” - simple but it makes sense. So I never thought to have a gun as an adult because the responsibility and consequences are not worth it to me.