Spencer Platt/Getty Images

A Cherokee County, Ga., high school teacher who told two students that their ā€œMake America Great Againā€ T-shirts were akin to wearing swastikas and, thus, were not allowed in class has been removed from the classroom, the school principal confirmed Friday.

The math teacher, identified as Lyn Orletsky, was seen on a viral video telling the students from River Ridge High that their shirts were inappropriate, not necessarily because they demonstrated support for President Donald Trump, but because the slogan had essentially been taken over by ā€œthe neo-Nazis.ā€


Shortly after the incident, the school issued an apology, blasting Orletskyā€™s comments as inappropriate and confirming that the students wearing the shirts would not face discipline.

Official disciplinary action against Orletsky was not revealed, but it was confirmed that she would no longer be teaching, ā€œeffective immediately,ā€ River Ridge High School Principal Darrel Herring said in a letter sent to the parents of Orletskyā€™s students Friday, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.


Herring said that the school has since assigned a substitute teacher and is searching for a new, permanent math teacher.

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