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Cedric Jackson thought his lottery tickets were losers when he handed them to a Rome, Ga., store clerk to trash. Boy, was he wrong.
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Cedric Jackson walked into Rick's Food Mart in Rome, Ga., Saturday, checked his lottery numbers and figured he had lost. He asked the clerk if he wouldn't mind throwing them out, and left the store. Later that night, he realized that while he hadn't won the grand prize, he may have tossed out two winning tickets worth a total of $10,000, according to the Rome News Tribune.

Panicked, Jackson returned to the store and told the clerk what had happened. They checked the trash closest to the register and found nothing. Jackson then searched the dumpster, and still nothing. It wasn't until later that the store clerk, Sarabjeet "Ricky" Singh, remembered that he had placed the tickets Jackson had given him in the office trash can, and when he looked, they were still there.


Singh called Jackson and told him the good news. He had his tickets, and he could come back and pick them up. Jackson cashed the tickets and returned to the store to hand Singh a nice reward for helping him find his trashed treasure.

"It was a blessing from God," Jackson told the Rome News.

Read more at the Rome News Tribune.

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