Ga. Man Shot by Officers and Handcuffed in Hospital Up Until His Death: Report

Kevin Davis and family
Family photo/Twitter

Georgia police are under scrutiny as more details emerge about Kevin Davis, who was shot by a DeKalb County officer Dec. 29 and died two days later, The Guardian reports.

According to the report, Davis was held at Grady Hospital in Atlanta for the last two days of his life, handcuffed to his bed. His family claims that they were prevented from visiting him and believe that he was isolated in order to withhold details of the shooting, the news site notes.


“They denied us access to him because they didn’t want him telling us what really happened that night,” Davis’ sister Delisa told The Guardian.

DeKalb County officers were responding to a 911 call made by Davis and his girlfriend, who had been stabbed by another man in their Decatur apartment, when Davis was shot. According to The Guardian, Davis reportedly told a medic “that police came to his house after there was an altercation with his girlfriend and began shooting.”


According to The Guardian, even though Davis had been paralyzed by one of the bullets shot by Officer Joseph Pitts, he was still handcuffed to his bed. The injured man, who was detained on the charge of aggravated assault against a police officer, had allegedly ignored orders to drop the firearm he had in his possession. His girlfriend said that Davis had only gotten the gun, which was unloaded, and gone to the front door because he thought the attacker had returned after their pitbull was shot.

Police claim that Davis confronted Pitts as the officer was standing outside the apartment and accused Pitts of shooting the dog. Pitts had shot the dog, claiming that it had “charged” at him after he attempted to enter the apartment. Police say that Pitts ordered Davis to drop his weapon twice, The Guardian reports.


Police would not confirm how many times Davis was shot. His sister said that doctors found three bullets in his body—including one in his spine—but medical reports indicate the presence of five separate wounds.

After her brother died on Dec. 31, Delisa Davis said that a detective told her, “I guess you can go to Grady [Hospital] now.”


“It was just so callous, like they weren’t dealing with humans,” she told The Guardian.

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