Ga. Elementary School Finally Puts an End to Civil War Dress-Up Day, but Mom Whose Child Was Called a Slave Wants More Done

Ty Wright/Getty Images
Ty Wright/Getty Images

It’s been about a month since a 10-year-old black student was called a slave during a Civil War dress-up day at his elementary school in Kennesaw, Ga. And that’s how long it took for school officials to realize that there’s really no reason to host a dress-up day to discuss the Civil War, and to ban the activity altogether.


According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, however, the parent of the 10-year-old in question, Corrie Davis, is not satisfied with how the incident was handled and wants more to be done.

Davis has been hoping to have the situation resolved since early October, when her son, who attends Big Shanty Intermediate School, first brought up the incident to her. The mother was obviously, and rightly, upset when her son told her what one of his own friends, a white student, had said to him.


According to Davis, when her son asked the student why he had dressed as a plantation owner on Civil War Day, which was held Sept. 22, the “friend” responded, “We had to dress up, so I’m a plantation owner and you’re my slave.”

Since then Davis has been attempting to get the school to promise not to host “a dress-up activity that is oppressive.”

However, officials with the Cobb County School District refused to give their word until Thursday afternoon, according to AJC.


“The lack of care toward my family is overwhelming to me right now,” Davis said.

Davis said that she has asked for more conversations with school officials, but there is no word on whether those meetings will happen. And now she says that conversations among the students about race are getting out of hand. The mother wants an expert from outside the school district to help students discuss these matters, and also wants more diversity and sensitivity training for school officials and teachers.


On top of it all, Davis is still waiting on a formal apology for what occurred.

Read more at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

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