Screenshot captured by partygoers at an African-American family’s birthday celebration appears to show members of Confederate-flag group Respect the Flag taunting those gathered as they left the scene. 
NBC News screenshot

Confederate-flag supporters who crashed a child's birthday party hosted by an African-American family in Douglasville, Ga., have been charged with terrorist threats and gang activity, prosecutors announced Monday.

According to WSB-TV, 15 members of a group called Respect the Flag have been indicted and accused of making terroristic threats for reportedly driving through an outdoor party, threatening partygoers and hurling racial slurs.


"The individuals charged will be arraigned, will have the charges presented to them, then [comes] the process of giving them their due process and their day in court," District Attorney Brian Fortner told the news station.

On July 25, several pickup trucks carrying Confederate flags stopped outside a birthday party around 3:30 p.m. Partygoers say the group—10 men and five women—started arguing with the men and women attending the party. The Respect the Flag members say the partygoers started the incident. Video footage taken after police arrived showed police holding back several African-American men and women while the pickup trucks drove away. A woman can be heard yelling toward a police officer that one of the men had a gun. 

Two members of Respect the Flag, Eric Hood and Thomas Summers, have been charged with battery in a separate incident that occurred earlier the same day at a local gas station.

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