From White Privilege to White Tears: #PermitPatty Sobs That She Really Didn’t Mean for Police to Come

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The same white woman who used her white-woman privilege first to bully an 8-year-old black girl who was selling water and then to call the police on said little black girl for being noncompliant is now pouring out her white-woman tears in the aftermath of the incident and wants everyone to feel sorry for her. She didn’t mean for this to happen, and it had nothing to do with race, she claims.

Alison Ettel—the rogue canine-cannabis dealer who has been dubbed #PermitPatty by the internet—told NBC News that she had listened to 8-year-old Jordan “loudly” selling water in front of her San Francisco apartment for two hours before she was moved to do something about it. When her building security didn’t do anything about her complaints, she took it upon herself to go downstairs and confront Jordan’s mother.


“I said ‘Please, I’m trying to work. You’re screaming. You’re yelling, and people have open windows. It’s a hot day. Can you please keep it down?’” she told NBC. “You know, ‘Do you have a right to be here?’”

And there it is, in her first statement. “Do you have a right to be here?” is the nosy-white-lady equivalent of “Show me your papers.” The video shows that the little girl is standing directly in front of the apartment building where she lives. If building security didn’t have an issue with it and didn’t see the need to intervene, who does #PermitPatty think she is?

#PermitPatty previously told HuffPost that she only pretended to call the police, but she told NBC that she called the police to ask if a permit was needed for the little girl to sell bottled water. She never intended for the police to actually respond to her call.


“There was no point in having the police come; that wasn’t it,” Ettel said. “I just wanted them to be quiet or move to a corner. They were being disruptive.”

So again, here she is admitting that she weaponized the police because black people weren’t complying with what she wanted them to do. If you didn’t intend to have the police show up, why call them in the first place?


By now everyone is aware of what can happen when you call the police on black people. There is literally no acceptable excuse for doing so at this point—even if you claim it’s just to “ask a question.”

While Jordan’s mother, Erin Austin, contended that Ettel’s call to police was racially motivated, Ettel claimed that it was not.


“There was never a racial issue, ever,” Ettel said. “First of all, I didn’t even know who was the one doing the shouting. I couldn’t see. All I could hear was the shouting. I had no idea who it was. How could it have been race-related?”

Nice try, Patty Mayo, but you knew who it was by the time you got downstairs and called the police. You knew exactly who you were calling the police on once you placed that call. It is disingenuous to pretend otherwise.


Ettel believe she is now the victim, since the video has gone viral.

“I have gotten so much hate mail,” she said. “I am getting continuously text messages with all kinds of threats. Horrible, horrible images. And death threats.”


That’s because no one thinks it’s OK to bully an 8-year-old girl for selling water on a hot day. Not to mention that by previous accounts, their apartment building is near AT&T Park, where Major League Baseball games are played, so how quiet is it in your neighborhood really? Loud ball games on a regular basis don’t bother you, but a little girl hawking water does?

She told NBC that she is not proud of the way she handled the situation, and if she had it to do over again, she would go for a walk instead of confronting the 8-year-old girl.


That’s exactly what you should have done.

But here it is, yet another white woman who initiates microaggressions against black people but then wants to cry and play the victim when things don’t go her way. This is a frequently repeated pattern of behavior that needs to stop.


Y’all aren’t going to be satisfied until they are gunning down elementary-school-age black kids on the street.

Watch #PermitPatty sob her way through the interview below, and pay extra-close attention to the shady way in which the anchorwoman relays her story.


It’s delicious.

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She’s lost business because of this, and I’ve read stuff on social media (so, grain of salt) that her business wasn’t entirely on the up and up - you know, she didn’t have the proper permits - to begin with. That’s why she’s making the tearful rounds now. “My actions cost me money, and for that I am sorry.”

Also this

Not to mention that by previous accounts, their apartment building is near AT&T Park where major league baseball games are played, so how quiet is it in your neighborhood really?

is right. I’ve lived in cities my whole life. Cities are loud. Kids on the street in the summer are loud. (I actually love having my windows open in nice weather and hearing kids run and play outside.) If you want quiet, go to the library. Or a farm or an island somewhere, or anywhere other than a building across from a ball park. If you live near a BALL PARK, you don’t get to complain about noise. Close the windows, move, or deal.