From 'WAP' to Woman of the Year: Cardi B Receives Annual Billboard Honor

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Ahead of its 15th Annual Women in Music event, Billboard released its Women of Music issue, highlighting a handful of this year’s most impactful female artists such as Chloe x Halle, Dua Lipa, JLo, Dolly Parton and Jessica Reyes. But the standout star—or perhaps more fittingly, Woman of the Year, is none other than Bodak Yellow rapper Cardi B.


In her interview with Billboard, the Bronx native spoke on everything from social justice to her controversial (was it really, though?) hit “WAP”, whether or not she considers herself a role model for other young women and how she defines happiness amidst a crazy-ass year.

“I’m not gonna front—this has been a bad year due to work. You can’t do shows and you gotta wait on deals,” she revealed to Billboard. “But I’m really happy because I have spent so much time with my family. I feel like I haven’t laughed like I have in 2020. My daughter (Kulture Kiari, 2) is so funny, and I’m with her every single day. That’s what brings me happiness.” The maternal side of Cardi has arguably been put on display more this year than before, thanks to the consistent display of hilarious and highly adorable Kulture content on Instagram. When asked how she plans to shield her mini-me from the slippery slope of social media comments and haters, thePlease Me” singer explained:

I’m a little scared that she gets to read nasty comments, but I don’t know how I’m gonna be able to control it. I heard about a celebrity who gives their kid life coaching on how to love themselves and not let people break them. Hopefully, I can do the same thing. My kid is really sassy, I can tell she’s gonna be a personality. I always want her to know that she’s beautiful. She knows what type of person I am, and when she gets older, clearly she’s gonna hear me expressing myself because we live in the same damn house. I just want her to know: I might be a little crazy, but I have a good heart and I love her. I want her to be confident always. Don’t let one comment break you and make you feel like you’re not that girl. You that girl.

The Billboard Women in Music event will be taking place next Thursday, Dec 10 at 8 pm ET only on


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What are the chances she has a small group of friends by to celebrate so she can tweet a tone deaf apology for it later?