From Lee Everett to Lucius Fox: The Black Actor Who Has Voiced Gaming’s Most Memorable Characters

Meet Dave Fennoy, the man behind the voice of some of the most popular video game characters around. The award-winning actor is perhaps most known for voicing The Walking Dead’s Lee Everett and is credited for countless other roles. You may also recognize his voice from shows like Young Sheldon, early Hulu advertisements, or ‘90s cartoons like ProStars. Despite having major success in the world of gaming, his road to the industry wasn’t linear.

“I was pursuing a career in acting and voiceover then video games came along after I was already doing this for years,” Fennoy told The Root. “It was only after being a voice in, 70, 80, 100 video games that I realized, ‘Oh, you know what? This is a special industry.’” Now, Fennoy estimates that he has voiced over 400 games.


Video games have proven to be a great escape for many, especially during the coronavirus pandemic. Video game usage increased by 75 percent during the early stages of social-isolation measures, according to a Verizon report.

“I think it’s a good thing we do have the video game industry and gives people an out. While we’re in this quarantine, I just want to say thank you to the people who are on the front line. I have a stepdaughter that’s an emergency room doctor in New York. She’s facing this every day along with the nurses, the people who clean the rooms, the people who are in the grocery stores picking up trash, the mail carriers. All those people that are still out there where we’re staying safe from our homes, making sure that we’re getting the things we need.”


Get to know the iconic Dave Fennoy in the video above.



He and Phil Lamar (from Mad TV) are often the go-to for AA male voices. I actually met him once when he was working on one of my titles.

Basically, you can’t let him, Phil, Nolan, or Troy fly together or we could lose 80% of the voice talent in an accident.

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