Fried, Dyed and Laid to the Side: Hazardous Hair Products Are Being Marketed to Black Women

From deep conditioners, to relaxers and gels, on any given day black women put tons of products in our hair. We don’t just wake up like this. Well, sometimes we do, but. Wait. OK. Back to the story.

African Americans have tremendous spending power. In fact, according to Nielsen we spend about $1.2 trillion a year on average. And in terms of the ethnic hair market, we’ve got that on lock: In 2017, African Americans were responsible for $54 million of the $63 million spent in that very industry.


But with all of the money that we pour into hair care, what does this mean for our health?

The Root spoke with Black Women for Wellness LA, a nonprofit that aims to promote the health, and health services of black women. The organization partnered with the Silent Spring Institute for a 2016 study focusing on hair products market towards black women. Their findings were, well— disturbing.


See the entire video above.

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Here's the thing that I hate....after years being spent of my mom giving me at home relaxers (just for me!) and getting my hair done in the same salons newscasters did, I gave it up and went natural. People always ask me about my hair, straightened or curly. We have beautiful hair no matter the texture and it is an expensive ruse that people feel the need to have acceptable hair by damaging it and being a slave to that because you feel like there is no better option.