'Trust, Consistency, and Accountability' : Darnell Moore, David Johns, and Steven Pargett Discuss Black Liberation, Movement Work, and Love at The Root Institute

We’ve used the hashtag.

We’ve bought the T-shirts.

We’ve read the think pieces.

But how can we, as a society and Black community, actually unconditionally support, respect and protect all Black women?


This is just one of the timely questions posed during a very moving panel for The Root Institute focused on social impact, Black men, examining privilege and enacting change.

Moderated by Blackbird’s Senior Communications Director Chelsea Fuller, Black Men Build’s creative director Steven Pargett alongside author and activist Darnell Moore, and National Black Justice Coalition executive director David Johns have a powerful, direct, and necessary conversation about the disproportionate violence faced by Black folks who are gender oppressed, the importance of Black men holding one another accountable, how we get free as Black people, and more in the video above.


You can watch all of the conversations The Root Institute hosted this month on topics ranging from mental health to the current state of politics right here.


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