AP: Obama versus the Fetid Remains of the Once-Proud GOP

ABC: Delta Blues: Blacks None Too Pleased with Airline's Diversity Initiatives

UIA: Surprisingly, Black Students Have Hard Time Finding Niche at Univ. of Idaho (…)


AP: Handyman Pleads Guilty to Oakland Editor's Murder

FTU: Kujichagilia with Ujima on the Side! Black Students Thriving in Afro-Centric Schools


WSJ: Civil-Rights Gains Test Memorials' Relevance Since Obama Extincted Black History

EW: Sista Soldiers: Study Shows Black Women Voted More than EVERYONE in '08

J&J: Being the Rascals They Are, GOP Trying to Stop Healthcare Reform

BET: Mayor Ray Nagin Manages to Come Under Investigation in NEW ORLEANS

BSP: What's with the Kid Hate this Week?! Woman Tapes Pacifier to Baby's Mouth

NYT: Trailers of Tears: Katrina Victims Begin to Lose Temporary Housing

ESPN: Manny Ramirez Suspended 50 Games; Dominican Dreadlock Community Devastated

AJE: Somalis Getting It in on Terra Firma as Clashes Erupt in Capital City

BBC: Um…What? 'Prayer Camps' Chain Mentally Ill in Ghana

LTV: President Obama Rolls Deep

BET: Limbaugh Attacks Colin Powell; Powell Cares Less Than You Do

USAT: Black Jack Johnson's 'Next Day Air' Goes Over Like Lead Balloon

THR: Networks to Prez: 'Cool It! You're Interrupting Show's (We're Gonna Cancel Anyway)!'

RS: Swinging from Faces to Fences: Chris Brown Seeks LAPD Records in Leaked Photo

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