J: The Aged Believe Not in Personal Space

SOHH:This (Money) Is Bigger Than Hip Hop: Jay-Z, Kelly Clarkson Paired Up in Concert


MG: Net Gain: Soweto Serves Tennis Dreams

AJC: Not Post-Racial Anymore: Leah Ward Sears a Possible Supreme Court Replacement


CNN: Maybe It Was in Leviticus? Churchgoers More Inclined to Back Torture

INON: Ante Up, Bigots! NJ Apartment Complex Owner Must Pony Up $200K in Discrimination Suit

IBA: Where Shall We Hyphy If Black-Owned Clubs Get Pushed from Oakland's Downtown?

ESPN: Bing Timin': Former NBA Star to Run for Mayor of Detroit

WP: 2008 Electorate Most Diverse Yet; Same Said for President

EX: Obama Will Nominate White Guy to Supreme Court, Utterly Destroying Post-Racial Progress


NBC: Put It on My (State's) Tab: NY Gov. Settles Race Discrimination Suit

AI: Everything's More Lethal in Texas: Gov. Has 200 Executions Under His Belt

TI: Sidney Poitier's Slap Was So Key It Probably Helped Obama Get Elected

FWS: Colonial Williamsburg Offers African-American Themes, Nothing Fun to Do

CDS: Cultural Perceptions of Mental Health Affect Treatment

TNJ: Did We Say That Out Loud? A Diversity Newsletter FAIL

GG: Cosby to Receive Mark Twain Humor Prize, Life Time Achievement from Jell-O

BET: About That Tattoo…: Nas and Kelis Headed for Divorce

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