Friday's Headlines

CNN: Casualties, Up to 40 Hostages in Upstate New York Siege

AP: Jobless Rate at 8.5%; 91.5% of America Real Shook Right Now

American Prospect: Terence Samuel Discusses New $1T Man, the IMF; Ted DiBiase Jealous


AJE: Sarkozy Rejects Obama's Afghan Plan, Forgets French Could Have Been His 2nd Language

NYT: Iowa Courts Lifting Ban on Gay Marriage Good; Being Located in Iowa? Not So Good


TRB: Ryan Westen's Satire FAIL

AP: Madonna's Hypnosis Through Voguing Fails, Malawi Courts Reject Adoption Request

CK: The Buzz Could Be Mad at This, But to Do So Would Be to Hate Freedom

J&J: The Dutch Pass Themselves to the Left Hand Side Regarding Slavery

CNN: Obama Budget Passed; Prez Say "Y'all Musta Forgot…"

LAT: Blago Gets Indicted, Charges Include 'Treacherous Coiffing'

FOX: Google Close to Acquiring Twitter (RT@TheRootBuzz)

NYT: His Excellency Mayor for Life Bloomberg Likes Black People (Votes)

BBC: Crikey! Australia Backs Rights of People Who Rightfully Own the Land Anyway

AJE: BHO to Show NATO Afghan Intinerary; NATO Wonders How Many Are in His Party*

BET: Report Details 'Abuse' in St. Louis Jails; Possible Link to St. Lunatics Album


ESPN: Cutler Traded to Bears, Vows to Continue Not Winning Anything in Particular

THR: It's Hard Out There for a Pip: Gladys Knight Joins Cast of Tyler Perry Flick


USAT: Cigarette Prices Soar; Dave Chappelle Right: These Are Crack Prices

*If you get that one, you know The Buzz very well.

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