French Elle Beauty Editor Wears Blackface, Complete With Afro

French Elle Beauty Editor Jeanne Deroo in blackface

Fashion has been used many a time before as an excuse to wear racist costumes, like blackface, beyond Halloween. It looks as if the fashion industry—well, some of those associated with it, anyway—is at it again.

Elle France Beauty Editor Jeanne Deroo posted a picture on Instagram in which she is in full-on blackface, complete with bright-pink lips and a huge Afro wig, Jezebel reports. It’s as if the story writes itself.


It was only a matter of time before Twitter reacted to this latest blackface fiasco, not quite a month since the blackface spree that went on during Halloween.

In short, it’s really quite simple: Don’t do blackface. Ever. It will never come to any good for you or anything you represent.

Read more at Jezebel.

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