Fox News Lady Focuses on Bakari Sellers ‘Accent’ and Not the Police Killing He’s Talking About

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Fox News is the place where racism goes when it needs some alone time. Fox News is the grease on Matt Gaetz hair. It’s the oil sheen in Rand Paul’s white man jheri curl. It’s Republican OnlyFans.


On Monday, because the Fox News lady (seriously, I don’t know these people’s names, and would it matter if I did?) couldn’t talk about the police shooting in North Carolina that left Andrew Brown Jr. dead or how police strung his family along, promising to release the shooting video only to show them a 20-second, heavily redacted video, the skinny blonde woman came for civil rights attorney Bakari Sellers’ tone of voice.

Wait, hold up.

A Black man was shot and killed by police and instead of focusing on getting to the bottom of the shooting or at least acting as if she cared about weeding out the bad apples, the Fox News host with skin the color of raw chicken claimed Sellers, who grew up South Carolina, was using a fake accent.

“Bakari Sellers suddenly showed up in North Carolina today to condemn the police in another case,” Fox News White Lady said, in white lady mock disbelief.

FNWL didn’t care that Pasquotank County Attorney Michael Cox had cursed at Sellers for wanting to see the full video or that the full video wasn’t going to be released; she was more concerned with the more important facts of the case; whether a Southern Black man was sounding too Southern for her liking.

“And sporting an accent that—maybe I missed something, but I never heard him use on TV before,” FNWL said.


Apparently FNWL doesn’t know how Southern Black men sound, but something tells me she’s not been around enough of them to actually have an informed opinion.

But I guess this is what happens when you run out of ways to continue propping up a policing system that continuously kills Black men, women and have to grasp for straws or accents.



Archaeyopterix Majorus

Wow, she’s REALLY gonna be lathered up in a foamy white racism fit when she hears how Bakari and Benjamin dragged her ass in the middle of the news conference this morning and Benjamin can be seen full-on chuckling at her idiocy after the comments.

She’ll probably need Stephen Miller to come over and jump up and down and stomp on her lady parts so she can just feel something, anything, when she learns that the same news conference has led the FBI to open an investigation into civil rights abuses around Andrew Brown Jr.’s death, and general patterns and practices investigation into that PD. Them white tears are gonna be so potent we can get drunk on them, let’s call them White Elixir.

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