Fox News Host Somehow Connects Justin Bieber’s Arrest to Obama

Greg Gutfeld

Co-host Greg Gutfeld of Fox’s The Five found an interesting way to link pop star Justin Bieber’s recent arrest to President Obama.

Gutfeld admitted that he had “shoehorned” the president into the issue by linking teenage-girl fanaticism over the star to the way the president is treated by the press.


“The real culprit: the mindset of the teenage girl … that suspends critical thinking, replacing it with mindless euphoria driven by hormones and a desire for acceptance. But enough about Obama,” Gutfeld quipped. “True, his poll numbers have a Bieber-esque quality, adored by people who pay more attention to dimples than direction. It’s a direction we can predict, for, like Bieber, Obama has no friendly speed bumps, no trusted critical eye to stop the decline with helpful advice. They’re too scared to hurt the pinup’s feelings, which is why there’s really nothing to see here, ’cause we’ve all seen it before.”

Indeed, there’s nothing to see here.

After Gutfeld finished his self-diagnosed shoehorning, co-host Bob Beckel remarked that it was “an interesting connection, to say the least.”

As for Gutfeld, he smiled and said he was “kind of proud of it.”

Watch the video below:

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