Fox News Contributor Blames Blacks for Rise in American Anglo-Saxon Racism

Sandy Rios

The way American Family Radio host Sandy Rios sees it, it’s not white people who are racist anymore—and even if that were the case, it would only be because of racist black people, the Raw Story reports.

According to the site, Rios, who is also a Fox News contributor, became offended last week when a listener implied that she was racist toward black people.


"I think the racist garbage coming from … a lot of blacks right now who are just filled with bitterness and rage is just amazing to me," Rios said. "It is racism. I am seeing it constantly here in D.C. … and it’s causing white citizens to become more racist than they ever were.

"I think, for the most part, the American Anglo-Saxon crew really has moved past racism; they did it quite a long time ago," she added.

According to Rios, racism has clearly ended, since segregation is no longer enforced and Barack Obama was elected president twice.

"I mean, they did elect Barack Obama twice, so I think it’s not nearly the issue in the white community that it was in the ’50s … or the ’60s; it just isn’t," she said. "But it seems to be raging. Racism seems to be absolutely raging … in the black community."


The relative absence of racism in the white community did not stop Rios from blaming Obama for the current racial tension in the country.

"I think what’s causing it is people like Barack Obama and [Attorney General] Eric Holder, who can’t say enough and stir the pot enough to create anger and hatred and bitterness," Rios said. "You know, they do the same thing with women. It’s the same thing in feminism—that’s why I’ve never been a feminist. I hate feminism."


Read more at the Raw Story.

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