Former Vice President Joe Biden Burns Trump in New Viral Ad: ‘A President the World Is Laughing At’

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Former Vice President Joe Biden may be the designer imposter fragrance version of Donald Trump, but damn if he didn’t release a fire ad torching the president.


Like battle rappers before him, the 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful took the timeliness of world leaders laughing at Trump during the recent NATO summit in London and mixed that with other instances where Trump has made himself and the United States a global embarrassment. He then turned it all into a fire rebuttal ad that has gone viral.

“The world sees Trump for what he is: insincere, ill-informed, corrupt, dangerously incompetent and incapable, in my view, of world leadership,” Biden tells voters in the ad, Newsweek reports.

Newsweek notes that the ad has only been active since Wednesday night and as of Thursday morning it had more than 4.8 million views on Twitter. The video also includes a clip from Trump’s 2018 U.N. speech in which he claimed that he’s accomplished more than any president in America’s history, which caused uproarious laughter.

From Newsweek:

In the ad, Biden claims that electing Trump to four more years would make it very difficult to “recover America’s standing in the world.” It concludes with images of Biden and the message that America needs “a leader the world respects.”

During a reception at London’s Buckingham Palace on Tuesday, cameras and audio captured Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaking with French President Emmanuel Macron and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. In the conversation, Trudeau criticized Trump for holding long press conferences during the NATO summit and said the Trump team’s jaws dropped “to the floor” at one point. He later clarified to reporters that he was referencing the moment when Trump announced that next year’s G7 meeting would be held at Camp David.

Trudeau denied the conversation was driven by malice and told reporters on Wednesday that he and Trump have a “very good” relationship and engaged in productive conversations while in London. However, the president’s critics pointed to the viral video as a reason not to vote for his re-election.

Because the president has the uncanny ability to ignore catastrophes and has literally become the walking gif where the house is on fire and he’s still claiming that everything is fine, Trump called his NATO trip a great success and tweeted: “tremendous things” were achieved in London and that “no president has ever achieved so much in so little time,” Newsweek reports.

Currently, #LaughinstockOfTheWorld is trending on Twitter. Watch the ad below.

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It’s a good ad. We need more of these that just show Trump’s bullshit to the world. However, Trump’s people could easily put together an ad just like this against Biden, filled with all of the rambling, incoherent things he’s said too.