Izala Bullock, the former Rutgers University football player charged in a double-murder plot
Izala Bullock, the former Rutgers University football player charged in a double-murder plot
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This story is just weird. Know that up front.

Izala Bullock is a 22-year-old former linebacker for Rutgers University. On Tuesday, he was charged with two-counts of first-degree attempted murder and two counts of first-degree conspiracy to commit murder after police and prosecutors say he “initiated a plot to murder the family members of an acquaintance,” NJ.com reports. On Thursday, Middlesex County Prosecutor Andrew Carey said in a news release that an additional charge—fourth-degree cyber harassment—had been added to Bullock’s case.


Bullock was reportedly going through a bad breakup and decided his best course of action would be to take out some as of yet unnamed members of his former girlfriend’s family. No harm came to anyone, but police said Bullock made comments that were construed as threats toward the woman’s family.

His plan was foiled when, in his quest for a getaway driver and/or lookout, he confided his plan to a teammate on Monday. That teammate recorded the conversation and reported it to a team strength coach, who in turn reported to a superior. University officials followed the proper protocol and notified law enforcement.


After his arrest on Monday, Bullock was dropped from the Rutgers football team.

On Wednesday, he had his first appearance in court via a video link from the Middlesex County Jail. His mother, father, stepmother, and a family friend were present for the hearing and sobbed in the courtroom.

Police said they found a mask, gloves and crushed up Tylenol in Bullock’s car, and when questioned, he allegedly admitted that the items were part of his double-murder toolkit.

In a statement, Rutgers said the university is initiating disciplinary proceedings against Bullock.


Bullock will have another court date on Friday, when a judge will decide whether or not to hold him in jail as he awaits trial.

This murder plot sounds like something the planner saw in a parody movie about a murder plot. What was the crushed Tylenol going to do? Get rid of their headache?


Next, why would you admit this flimsy plan to the police? Also, why were you soliciting accomplices in the locker room?

Thankfully no one was hurt in this latest episode of World’s Dumbest Criminals.

If any or all of this is true, this dude should be locked up simply because he is a danger to himself, let alone other people. 

News Editor for The Root. I said what I said. Period.

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