Quentin Hines
WXYZ Screenshot

Former NFL player Quentin Hines is taking his racial-discrimination allegations to court after not receiving any apology from the Mount Clemens, Mich., bar where a bartender-manager reportedly called him the n-word, WXYZ reports. 

Hines, who is currently the football coach at Mount Clemens High School, said that he was called the n-word by the bartender-manager at Madison's Pub while dining there. His receipt also reportedly labeled him "black guy." 


The lawsuit claims racial discrimination, denial of public allegations, negligent supervision of employees and intentional infliction of emotional distress, but leaves it up to the court to decide on damages. Hines says that it's not about the money for him.

"This is about showing racism is alive. It's about creating some type of change that can bring about unity. It's nothing about money. What bothers me the most is that they didn't take responsibility," Hines told the news station.


He said that he filed the lawsuit after not receiving an apology and insists that the bar needs to take corrective action. 

According to WXYZ, after Hines shared his story on social media last month, Madison's Pub responded with its own post, saying that it would investigate and take the necessary actions to correct the situations. Hines acknowledged that the owner of the pub reached out to him and asked for proof of his story but never gave an apology. 


"I want a message sent so others aren't done this way," Hines said.

The lawsuit lists Madison's Pub, its parent organization and the bartender as defendants. It cites online posts from people who said they saw what happened to Hines at the pub. 


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