Former Atlanta Braves Outfielder Still Missing

Otis Nixon (Jamie Squire /Getty Images)

Former Atlanta Braves outfielder Otis Nixon was last seen leaving his Woodstock Ga., home Saturday morning. He headed out in his 2011 gray Range Rover to play golf, and no one has seen or heard from him since.

The Woodstock Police Department took to Facebook asking for help, noting that Nixon, 58, never arrived at the golf course and was last seen wearing a black long-sleeved shirt, black sweatpants and a black baseball cap, with black Adidas shoes with white stripes, ESPN reports.


Although Nixon played for nine teams during his 17-year career, it was his time in Atlanta that will be most remembered by fans.

“He joined the Braves in 1991 at 32 years old and went on to steal a career-best 72 bases that season,” Yahoo! Sports reports. Later that same year, Nixon would test positive for cocaine and be suspended for 60 days. That suspension cost him a World Series appearance.


Woodstock police are asking anyone with information about Nixon’s whereabouts to contact them immediately.


Read more at ESPN and Yahoo! Sports.

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