Forbes Lists the Top 10 Most Corrupt Countries

Somali residents raise flags.
Somali residents raise flags.

If you think the United States is a corrupt country, you might want to think again. Transparency International has pulled together the top 10 most corrupt countries. Topping the list is Somalia, what Forbes describes as a "beleaguered, war-torn disaster of a nation." It goes on to call Somalia a "former Italian colony of 9.8 million people on the Indian Ocean, long racked by civil war, [which] has become a capital for piracy and terrorism with little capacity for any government at all, let alone an honest one." It ranks 1.1 on Transparency International's 10-point scale. Following closely behind are Myanmar and Afghanistan, each ranking 1.4 and each also identified as corrupt. Myanmar, formerly Burma, is run by a junta of generals who have plundered the nation's timber, minerals and natural gas and led the U.S. Treasury to slap sanctions against more than 100 of its leaders, including the wife and son of No. 3 official General Thurs Shew Mann. Iraq rounds out the top five. It is interesting that the countries on the list are mostly made up of people of color. It is also compelling that there is little information on the "uncorrupted" countries invested in the activities that make the so-called corrupted countries "corrupt." We're just saying.

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