For MAGAts Who Need Safe Spaces, There’s an App For That

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It’s hard out here for Trump supporters who wear MAGA hats.

That red hat has become as incendiary as a Ku Klux Klan hood, and people who wear the hat are often met with the same level of ire and “what the fuck is this shit” as they would be if they walked into an NAACP wearing a Klan get up.


Imagine wearing a MAGA hat, openly displaying your racism for the all the world to see, but then being so sensitive that you are worried about being yelled at and ridiculed when you go out in public.

For those sensitive ass racists, there’s an app for that.

Oklahoma developer and self-described lifelong Republican Scott Wallace has developed an app called “63red Safe” that he told the Washington Post reports will “keep conservatives safe as they eat and shop.” Wallace said the end goal is to gauge whether restaurants and stores are conservative friendly as a means of getting “these politics out of restaurants and businesses.”

Wallace told the Post he came up with the idea in November. He was out with his youngest child and considering buying a MAGA hat, but he worried that it would make him and his family targets for harassment.

He cited as an example White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders being asked to leave the Red Hen restaurant in Virginia because of the fact that she works for Donald Trump.

“I thought, ‘Maybe this isn’t the right thing to do,’” Wallace said in reference to openly displaying his support for Trump. “That was very uncomfortable for me. I don’t want to be a nation where putting Che Guevara on a T-shirt … or wearing a MAGA hat … makes you a target.”

With that in mind, Wallace and two of his associates set out to create an app similar to Yelp that would evaluate businesses on whether or not they serve persons of every political belief, if they protect their customers if they are attacked for their political beliefs, if they allow concealed carry according to their state’s laws and if the business avoids politics in its ads and social media postings.


The ultimate goal, Wallace said, is to determine whether a business is “safe” for conservatives.

Wallace believes conservatives are under physical attack, and he told the Post he wants to call out businesses where such attacks could potentially happen.


After being featured in a Fox & Friends segment Monday, Wallace said the app’s servers crashed due to overwhelming interest.

People who wear MAGA hats should say that shit with their chest. If you are bold enough to wear a hat that you know has come to symbolize open racism and bigotry, you should be bold enough to accept whatever criticisms and repercussions come along with it.


You wouldn’t need an app to feel safe if you weren’t out here in the streets representing all that is evil and wrong in this country.

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Ooo, a white supremacist green book!

They really thought that we’d all bow to the guy who won 46% of the vote by trying to exacerbate every ethnic and religious cleave this country has ever had, didn’t they? Bless their hearts. They really thought we’d just lie on the ground, so they could put their boots on our necks, huh? They really thought they’d be living in a reverse fairy tale. lol

I do not forsee in my lifetime there ever being a more perfect example of “Be careful what you wish for; you just might get it.” ‘Cause they got got.  May they get everything they’ve ever wished for.