For Colored People ... When the Republican Convention Gets to Be Too Much: A Drinking Game

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Stephen Colbert has a bingo card to play during the Republican National Convention. But for women and people of color watching this year’s RNC, it’s going to be a long, hard slog with more than a few cringe-inducing and drink-worthy moments.


Ways to survive the madness:

Take a sip …

  • every time anyone says, “Barack HUSSEIN Obama,” in ALL CAPS;
  • every time someone says the words “race card,” “women card,” “pantsuit” or “lady parts”;
  • if you can see the whites of Ben Carson’s eyes;
  • every time someone says “Chicago” or “black-on-black crime;
  • anytime anyone says the word “Islam” vaguely ominously, like “Voldemort”;
  • anyone says “All Lives Matter”;
  • every time a Donald Trump surrogate goes on TV and says, “What Mr. Trump meant to say was … ”

Take one shot every time …

  • someone royally screws up the pronunciation of a foreign country (i.e., Ubeki-beki-beki-stan-stan) …
  • … or, for that matter, any non-English word;
  • someone whose English isn’t very good says immigrants need to “learn English”;
  • someone says black unemployment is President Obama’s fault;
  • every time Rudy Giuliani says “9/11”;
  • anyone who didn’t serve in the military calls John McCain a coward.

Take two shots if …

  • any people who supported the North Carolina LGBT bathroom bill say they “#StandWithOrlando”;
  • after a congresswoman speaks, Trump asks her if she’ll also be participating in the swimsuit section of the evening;
  • someone calls putting Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill “playing identity politics!”;
  • if people who’ve had their photo taken with Sheriff Joe Arpaio or any member of the cast of Duck Dynasty talk about “minority outreach”;
  • someone walks out to intro music by a black artist, then proceeds to criticize #BlackLivesMatter;
  • Clint Eastwood talks to an empty pantsuit;
  • Trump says that since orange is a color, he too, is a “person of color”;
  • someone wearing a Confederate flag calls something “un-American”;
  • Trump says “2 Corinthians.”

Pour one out for the homies if …

  • Stacey Dash, Herman Cain and Omarosa are made to wear shirts that say, “African-American No. 1 … No. 2 … No. 3 … ”;
  • Ben Carson trips on something while walking with his eyes closed.

Chug if …

  • someone calls Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas” or does offensive imitation Indian chants;
  • Allen West fires up the crowd with, “Get your musket! Fetch your bayonet!”;
  • you spot in the crowd someone wearing a “Blacks/Hispanics/Asians, etc. for Trump” T-shirt, hat, sign, button, etc.; or …
  • … a fully costumed Civil War re-enactor;
  • someone brings up “Michelle Obama” and “broccoli,” and the audience boos broccoli and the first lady.

Take three shots if …

  • a hot mic overhears an adviser whispering to Trump, “Actually, sir, I think they prefer to be called ‘colored.’”

Pop a cork if …

  • someone you didn’t want in the country anyway threatens to leave America if Trump doesn’t win the election.

Take a champagne shower if …


Finish your drink if …

  • anyone quotes the Bible, right after calling for the military to torture people.

Kill a whole bottle if …

  • Trump points out a black delegate and yells, “There’s my African American! We will begin the bidding at … ”

Charles Badger is a Republican political strategist who served as coalitions director for Gov. Jeb Bush’s 2016 campaign.