Sunday marks the first impact of the government's sequester on the Federal Aviation Administration, reports NBC News, and it probably will mean big hassles for travelers.

In fact, come Sunday, fliers may get a firsthand look at the impacts of the automatic budget cuts put in place by Congress last year. As part of the sequester, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) expects to furlough many of its nearly 15,000 air traffic controllers (ATC) for one day per two-week pay period.

The result is expected to reduce control-tower staffing at any time by 10 percent, a move that Nick Calio, CEO of Airlines for America (A4A), said could result in as many as 6,700 flight delays per day.

"During the worst day in 2012, there were almost 3,000 delays, mostly due to severe weather," Calio told reporters. "Assuming good weather, FAA predicts more than twice as many delays due to the sequester."


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