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Fluencr Rewards Users For Promoting Brands

Illustration for article titled Fluencr Rewards Users For Promoting Brands

“Your network is your net worth.” It’s probably one of the most popular phrases of the social media era. The concept, which spread like wildfire, and is even the title of a book by marketing expert Porter Gale, has over the years manifested into a number of Internet platforms like TweetReach, Klout , and other analytic tools that measure the potency of social media activity.


But not one of those tools has the potential to help everyday people monetize their social influence, like Fluencr, a user-facing, discovery-based platform that uses a point solution model to track, measure and reward action-based, brand-specific social influence across multiple social platforms.

“We created a unique marketplace that gives individuals the same access to their favorite brands and initiatives that athletes and celebrities have,” says Gerome Sapp, 32, founder and CEO of Fluencr. “We give individuals the ability to now connect with their favorite brands as social ambassadors, prove how socially influential they are to that brand, then get real recognition and rewards from that brand for their brand specific social influence.”


As a former NFL athlete that played three years for the Baltimore Ravens, and two years for the Indianapolis Colts, Sapp was always inundated with endorsement deals from various brands.

image credit: brands.fluencr

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