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Floyd Mayweather eluded jail time today the same way he escapes opponents in the ring.


The boxer's 90-day jail sentence was delayed by a Las Vegas judge so that the fighter can honor his open fight date of May 5.

Mayweather pleaded guilty to hitting his wife in front of his children in 2010 on Dec. 21, 2011.


Judge Melissa Saragosa said that she was swayed by Mayweather's lawyer, who discussed the amount of business a fight in May would bring the city. Mayweather's last seven fights have generated more than $1 billion for the Las Vegas community. He has earned upwards of $20 million for each of his last two fights.

So what do we gather from this decision? The age-old adage that "money talks."

While we all know that a fight with Manny Pacquiao is doubtful after he almost lost to Juan Manuel Marquez, let's hope that these two sides can come together to bring the public the possible fight of this century.

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