Floyd Mayweather, Logan Paul Match Set for June 6

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I have yet to experience the joys of retirement, but I would imagine that suddenly having so much free time on my hands would be a major adjustment.


So perhaps because five-time world champion Floyd Mayweather has nothing else better to do than to count his money and grow his beard out, he’ll be returning to the ring on June 6 to beat the dog shit out of YouTube demigod Logan Paul.

“Me and Logan Paul will be fighting at the Hard Rock Stadium,” Mayweather announced on Instagram on Tuesday night. “@mayweatherpromotions @fanmio and @showtimeboxing have come together to bring an epic Event!!!”

As we previously reported at The Root, their fight was originally scheduled for February 20. I’m not entirely sure why it was postponed indefinitely, but dammit, the fight is back on now so that’s all that matters. With this being an exhibition match, the rules and undercard lineup have yet to be announced, but expect that to change in the near future.

On Twitter, Paul expressed his excitement at finally having the opportunity to get concussed by arguably the greatest boxer who ever lived.

“It’s finally official,” he tweeted.


Mayweather, who finished his boxing career 50-0, last stepped in the ring in 2017 for an exhibition match against fellow loud-mouthed asshole Conor McGregor in 2017. That fight ended exactly how we all expected it would, with Mayweather putting the beats on McGregor and eventually ending the fight with a 10-round TKO. McGregor’s teeth haven’t been the same since.

Paul, who doesn’t have nearly the same amount of fight experience as Mayweather, but has tremendous pride in the fact that he spends millions of dollars on Pokémon cards, has exactly one fight on his resume and it didn’t exactly end well. He threw hands with fellow YouTuber KSI in 2019 and lost a split decision. Tragic.


If I don’t sound particularly enthused about this blatant cash grab, it’s probably because I’m not. But if your interest is peaked, hit up Fanmio’s website for tickets and more information.

Go forth and be blessed.



Imagine for one moment that you are a marginally talented boxer, but also a completely insufferable asshole. So much so that when you schedule a bout where you will undoubtedly get your ass kicked, people around the world say “oh, I hate that fucking guy.... I would pay money to watch him get maybe killed.”

Logan Paul is that insufferable asshole.