Florida Woman Tied to Organization Funded by Pro-Trump Dark Money Accused of Massive Voter Fraud: 'It's Just Really Bizarre'

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There are different levels of “ain’t shit,” but Cheryl Hall is in a class of her own.


ABC Action News reports that in her efforts to condemn our country to hell, the Claremont, Fla., resident has been accused of massive voter fraud. More specifically, she allegedly switched the party affiliations of voters while submitting their voter registration information on their behalf.

How exactly did she pull this off? Well, she works for Florida First, Inc., an organization that helps register voters—more on them later—and was charged with 10 felony counts of submission of false voter registration information after turning herself in to the Lake County sheriff’s office. She also didn’t do a particularly good job of covering her tracks, considering that all the forms she submitted were “numbered to uniquely identify her as the worker carrying the paperwork in the field.”

The bogus voter registration forms—more than 120 in total—had been flagged by election officials because they contained forged signatures, incorrect birth dates, erroneous driver’s license info and other bullshit. But it gets even uglier because it’s quite possible that Hall hasn’t been acting alone.

Remember Florida First Inc.? According to the Miami Herald, it’s heavily funded by “pro-Trump dark money,” and while detectives don’t believe the organization as a whole is committing fraud, Lake County Supervisor Alan Hays believes that many of its employees are.

“Our investigation has led us to believe there are other operators that might be involved in this thing,” Hays told the Herald. He pointed out that additional voters have reported unauthorized changes to their registration forms as well.

Hall’s arrest, with presumably more to follow, comes mere days before Florida’s presidential primary on March 17. And with voter registration drives throughout the state in full swing, apparently, Hall decided this was the opportune time to collect a felony or seven.


“It’s just really bizarre,” Hays told the New York Times. “I don’t know what part of her imagination was convinced she could get away with this.”

Florida First, Inc. has yet to publicly comment on the matter, but as of Feb. 27, the organization confirmed that yes, she’s been suspended.

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