Florida Sen. Rick Scott to Governors: Don’t Accept Stimulus Money

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It’s said that on the ninth day of creation, God got hungry and because it was late, the only thing open was a 7-Eleven, and God was forced to eat day-old taquitos, which made him vomit and thus, Florida was born.


Florida, the ass pimple of America, continues to remind the world that they love former President Donald Trump more than everyone else as Sen. Rick Scott is calling for the governor who succeeded him, and governors across the country, not to accept federal coronavirus stimulus money.

“The former Florida governor sent an open letter to governors and mayors across the U.S., including current Gov. Ron DeSantis, urging them to reject and return any federal funding from President Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion relief package in excess of their reimbursable COVID-19 costs,” WPTV reports.

Scott took to Twitter to send out a dog whistle to Trump, noting, “Don’t I look pretty, Papa?” that the country “cannot afford to waste another tax dollar.”

Scott, who didn’t object to Trump’s massive spending bullshit—including gifts to the rich in the form of tax cuts—called Biden’s plan “massive, wasteful and non-targeted.” Scott’s letter also blasted Democrats in Congress for passing “five bipartisan COVID-19 relief packages dedicating almost $4.5 trillion in federal spending, including nearly $400 billion in taxpayer funding to state and local governments,” WPTV reports.

Scott also proved once again that it ain’t no fun when the rabbit got the gun.

“Democrats rushed this spending through Congress without a single Republican vote and against growing evidence that local and state tax revenue did not suffer the massive downturn predicted when lockdowns began,” Scott wrote, calling out California for “adding more than $22 billion to its reserves.”


Scott added that “politicians in Congress should quit recklessly spending other people’s money.”

“The COVID-19 pandemic is a public health emergency,” Scott wrote. “Just as it does for other major disasters, the federal government has an important role to play in helping state and municipal governments offset the costs of COVID-19 response. However, American taxpayer dollars should not be used as bonus cash to plug budget holes caused by decades of poor fiscal management. This is not a taxpayer-funded bailout; it is a reimbursement for specific, COVID-related expenses,” WPTV reports.


But here is the thing: Inept fuckstick Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is actually annoyed that Florida didn’t receive more money.

“The Senate didn’t correct the fact that Florida is getting a lot less than what we would be entitled to on a per capita basis,” DeSantis, in an apparent jab at Scott and Sen. Marco Rubio, said Monday at a press conference, Palm Beach Post reports.


Scott said the mayors and governors “understand the importance of living within your means and budgeting responsibly” to provide “the best possible service to your communities, ensuring maximum return on any government spending and eliminating debt whenever possible.”

“By rejecting and returning any unneeded funds, as well as funds unrelated to COVID-19, you would be taking responsible action to avoid wasting scarce tax dollars,” Scott wrote. “After all, every dollar in this package is borrowed.”


Yeah, these assholes really hate the poor, including their own poor constituents.

Also, fuck this guy.


Foxstar loves Bashcraft

Voldemort has little room to speak, considering the grift he was running on Medicare years ago and how his ass didn’t end up behind bars and all of his shit taken and sold off to repay that grift.

Both DeAnus and Voldemort had better hope their direct and malice-loaded fucking over anyone who tried to apply for unemployment fades quickly from people’s minds when they are up again. I miss watching DeAnus duck and cover and run when the media was running his worthless ass down about unemployment last year and the tens of thousands who learned that nether he or Voldemort had a soul. God that was refreshing.