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Florida Man Facing Federal Charges for Racist YouTube Videos: ‘I Can Burn Thousands, Millions’ of Black People

Illustration for article titled Florida Man Facing Federal Charges for Racist YouTube Videos: ‘I Can Burn Thousands, Millions’ of Black People
Screenshot: Van Vima (YouTube)

Meet Mostafa Hussaini: He’s 34 years old, hails from Miami, and lives to harass black people on the internet.


“I don’t like blacks. I don’t know any blacks,” he says in one video published on YouTube. “I can not even name any blacks. I don’t know any black people.”

“Black people use these beaches,” he says in another. “When you speak of black, you look where your stuff is cause they steal your stuff. They’re thieves.”


Hussaini—who prefers to hide behind the moniker Vam Vima while spewing this nonsense—also likes to make threats.

“Imagine burning a black person, because I don’t like black people,” he says in a video titled “Soldier Burns, Fantasizing Burning Enemy.” “They’re going to look very black after I’m done burning them. I can burn thousands, millions of them so there will be lots of burning.”

Wait, there’s more.

“I don’t like blacks, Spanish, some white, but there is no whites in Miami,” he says in the video “Shit on Miami Beach, Part 2.” “If you are in Miami, bring your gun and let everyone know. [...] If you have a machine gun bring your machine gun. If you have your handgun bring your handgun.”


Apparently, Hussaini also likes to go to jail, because after the FBI got wind of his penchant for racist diatribes he was arrested and awaits federal charges, according to the Miami Herald:

Mostafa Hussaini, 34, taken into custody Thursday, is being held in the Miami federal lockup until his detention hearing Wednesday. A criminal complaint charges him with transmitting threatening communications.

Hussaini came to the attention of the FBI earlier this month after a Miami-Dade resident contacted the county’s communications department, which in turn reached out to the Miami Beach Police Department about an initial four videos posted on YouTube by the suspect. FBI agents found a total of 12 videos on YouTube under Hussaini’s personal account.


His case was investigated by a who’s who of organizations that you want absolutely no problems with whatsoever: U.S. Army Counterintelligence Command, the Miami Beach Police Department, the Davie Police Department, and the FBI.

Hussaini’s lawyer from the federal public defender’s office was unavailable for comment, but if his client is able to testify on his own behalf it should be an open and shut case. Because as Hussaini readily admits in one of his published videos, “I’m very racist.”


Feel free to throw him under the jail.

Menace to supremacy. Founder of Extraordinary Ideas and co-host and producer of The Extraordinary Negroes podcast. Impatiently waiting for ya'll to stop putting sugar in grits.

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What a sad deluded fool. Does he think wypipo gonna accept him as white?