Florida Man Faces Charges After Leaving Kids in Car While He Went to a Strip Club: Report

Fort Myers, Fla., Police Department
Fort Myers, Fla., Police Department

A Fort Myers, Fla., man has been arrested after, apparently, he allegedly decided it would be a good idea to leave two children in a car alone while he popped into a strip club Thursday night.

According to WINK News, 23-year-old Willie Lee Jordan Jr. is facing two charges of child neglect in the incident.

The authorities became aware of the situation after a woman reported hearing children crying inside a vehicle in the parking lot of Scarlett’s Cabaret.


“I walked over to the vehicle and there seems to be an infant, a 3-month old boy, who is not strapped in the car seat … upside down, his head is where his feet should be, butt up in the air,” Scarlett’s general manager, Christopher Mays, said.

An announcement was made in the club, and Jordan went back to the car, but Mays had been able to get the older child to unlock the door of the SUV, according to the report.

“It’s devastating … it’s devastating that people can do that to children … it really opens your eyes to what goes on in this world, how nasty things can be,” Mays said.

Mays said that Jordan was in the club for more than 30 minutes. The club manager expressed concern over what could have happened if no one had heard the children crying.


“I mean, 3 months old, he was upside down already ... he was panicking. God only knows how much longer an upside infant has in a car seat,” Mays said.

Read more at WINK News.

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I am the mother of 3 little ones. I’m not that far away from the sleepless nights, middle of the night nursings and general exhaustion of three month olds. If Mr. Borealis had gone to a strip club to throw diaper money at strippers and left our kids in the car at three months, let alone EVER, he’d best not come home at all.

If this dude is married, he’s probably safest in jail. That’s all I’m saying.