Florida KKK Recruiter: ‘We Don’t Beat Up on Blacks or Burn Crosses’

Mr. Hayes and his flags 

There's a red Ku Klux Klan flag flying somewhere in Boca Raton, Fla., because one resident is trying to recruit people to join the organization.

The man, who identified himself only as "Mr. Hayes," said he's flying the flag above a "Members Wanted" sign because it's "what this country is all about—freedom of speech." He also talked about what he stood against, such as white families producing fewer children, the Raw Story reports. "As many people know, the white families are producing less children because the father and mother work, and you have interracial marriages and gay marriages, so there are less and less white children being born every day," he said. "So we're against that."


Hayes argued that some people misinterpreted his beliefs and how they might affect his actions, explaining that the KKK doesn’t condone violence.

"We don't go around committing hate crimes," he said. "We don't beat up on f—gots or black people or burn crosses or any of that nonsense." The noose on his front yard indicates nothing to him. And, Hayes adds, the response has been generally "positive." "Don't get anybody throwing bottles on my lawn or anything like that," he said. "They toot their horn. They stop. They wave. They take pictures."


However, one of his neighbors feels differently about the subject. Margaret Martin, who lives across the street, told a local channel that it was "scary," the Raw Story notes. "I'm not trying to stereotype that, but we all know what 'KKK' means," Martin, who is black, said. "But I’m going to pray for him. That's all I can do, is pray for him."

Read more at the Raw Story.

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