Florida KK-Karen Arrested for Hurling Whopper and Racial Slurs at Burger King Employee

Judith Anne Black
Judith Anne Black
Photo: Sumter County Sheriff’s Office

A lot of white people are racist. Some white people are so racist that they look for any excuse to show their bigotry off. Last week, an elderly KK-Karen showed her hateful ass at a Burger King in Florida when she reportedly threw a Whopper in an employee’s face and allegedly called the worker a Black bitch as well as the n-word.


So, what set the woman off? Was she upset because she put her Klan robe in the wash with her colored clothes, confirming her belief that the coloreds ruin everything? Did she leave her favorite noose in the back of the bus after the uppity negroes refused to give up their seats in the front? Was she salty because she’s too old to be a Fox News host but too young to have ever owned a slave? Honestly, it could be all of the above, but all we know is that she was upset because the tomato on her burger was too thick, according to a police report.

Judith Ann Black, the woman with the most ironic last name ever who WHDH 7 described as “a 77-year-old retiree from Texas living in Florida”—meaning she basically just moved from one dysfunctional state full of crazy racists to another—shouted at the worker at the Wildwood BK about a tomato that was apparently too thick to be twerking all over her meat patty. After the employee told her that she needed to calm the hell down before she could help her, Black threw her burger at the worker and reportedly told her, “Shut up, you Black bitch,” before calling her a nigger multiple times and then storming out of the restaurant, according to the report.

I’m just going to pause here for a sec and talk about how confusing this woman must be at family reunions when she launches into tirades, saying, “I hate the Blacks! I wish the Blacks never came to this country! Throughout history, the Blacks have been nothing but trouble! I just wish all generations of Blacks would die off already!”

Obviously, Judith—who definitely wishes she could kick her last name out of a “whites only” diner—could have just picked the thick-ass tomato off of her burger and shoved the Whopper into the Klan-hole in the middle of her face, ending the debacle. But the Blacks don’t know how to behave themselves, apparently, so she felt the need to act out.

According to Complex, Black’s actions were confirmed to the police by witnesses and surveillance video. Another employee also got her license plate number and the police were able to track her down at her retirement community home.

Judith—who definitely wants to redline her last name and leave it to be educated in an underfunded school district—admitted to throwing the burger, saying she was “angry” that the employee was not “fixing the issue.”


If Black hadn’t allegedly used racial slurs while throwing a hissy-fit along with a perfectly good Whopper, her charge of battery would have been classified as a misdemeanor. Instead, according to the police report, her white supremacist potty mouth changed “the charge of battery from a misdemeanor of the first degree to a felony of the third degree under Florida State Statute 775.085,” which is a hate crime statute, according to Insider.

Black was booked into the Sumter County Jail and has since been released on $2,500 bond.

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A lot of white people are racist

And that is a racist statement in itself. You could have made this an unbiased statement by leaving the qualifier out — but I’ve never seen you make that effort.

There are also a lot of black racists. And asian racists. And hispanic racists. And Native racists. And we can go on for every single race, creed, and color. Because putting down other based on the perceived differences seems to be part of human nature.

But this blog sees a lot of stories about white racists, by those leaning towards the other extreme because of the nature of the blog.

[This space left blank for the upcoming hate filled comments]