Florida Father Apologizes for Threatening Daughter's School Bus Bullies

Hero or criminal? James Jones

James Jones apologized on Good Morning America for threatening his daughter's bullies. Jones boarded his 11-year-old daughter's school bus after she said she did not want to go to school because the kids were hitting her in the head, throwing condoms at her and calling her names. Jones' daughter has cerebral palsy, and apparently the bus driver had neglected to intervene. In a fit of rage, Jones boarded the bus and threatened the bus driver and the boys who bullied her. Subsequently, he has been charged with obstruction of justice and interference with a school function and faces six months in jail and a $500 fine. His daughter is in the care of a doctor and has not returned to school or home because of the bullying. We're trying to figure out why he's apologizing to the kids as opposed to them apologizing to him. They tormented his daughter with cerebral palsy to such an extent that she is in the care of doctor — i.e., institutionalized. The bullies "may" face charges? They're lucky that all he did was threaten and yell. He's facing time for defending his daughter, who could not defend herself. Yet another example of a world gone mad — parents apologizing to "Bébé's kids."

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