Flint Residents File Lawsuit Against Mich. Government Over Contaminated Water

XyNazia Skinner, age 7, of Flint, Mich., stands with a sign while waiting to participate in a march in Flint to highlight the push for clean water in the city Feb. 19, 2016. 
Bill Pugliano/Getty Images

A federal lawsuit has been filed on behalf of the residents of Flint, Mich., against Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder and other current and former government officials and corporations in relation to the lead-contamination water crisis, the Associated Press reports.

The lawsuit, which is seeking class-action status, claims that tens of thousands of residents have suffered physical and economic injuries and damages as a result of the contamination. It also accuses officials of failing to take action over “dangerous levels of lead” in the drinking water and downplaying “the severity of the contamination,” the newswire notes. 


This lawsuit is the latest among numerous lawsuits that have been filed on behalf of residents. In this case, the lawsuit seeks a jury trial and unspecified damages on behalf of seven residents. 

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