In his quest to continue to set the race back 400 years, Flava Flav is launching a chain of fried chicken restaurants called Flav's Fried Chicken. Did we mention he is also launching a brand of liquor called "Le Flav Spirits"? No, we are not making this up, and you are not having a nightmare. It is daytime and 2010, although it feels like nighttime and 1910. Must he continue to brand his tom foolery, pun intended, at our expense? Seriously, is this the guy from "It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back"? Perhaps he should change the name of that song to "It Takes One Silly Negro to Hold Us Back." Or maybe he should consider changing the title of Public Enemy's seminal and game-changing hip-hop album Fear of a Black Planet to Fear of a Wack Planet Featuring Flava Flav, Stepin Fetchit 2.0? The sad part about it is that Stepin Fetchit had no choice. What's Flava Flav's lame excuse? What's even sadder is that his liquor and fried chicken chains โ€” not to be confused with the slave chains around his brain โ€” will undoubtedly be in our neighborhoods. Gee, thanks. Where is Harriet Tubman when you need her? Stewing and searching for the number to the Drop Squad over here at The Root.

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