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Posey Lumintherapy
Posey Lumintherapy

Your home can be just as multidimensional as you are—conservative and professional by day, edgy and free-spirited by night. Philippe Boulet isn't a conventional interior designer, and his Lumintherapy creations are far from ordinary. Boulet, a French designer, is continuously inspired by what he calls a "magical atmosphere," and in that place he creates furniture for those who can think outside the box. His pieces, of course, keep their initial functions, but are then made using an internal lighting system so that they glow. The result: chairs, tables and candelabras with an avant-garde quality. Then there's Boulet's latest endeavor, the Posey Lumintherapy bed, which uses a LED programmable lighting system. You can choose whichever color you want the bed to be, using the remote to soften the light, pick a color, or randomly shuffle colors when you are in your bed at night.


Frivolous to some, yes, but the bed still functions with or without the light, and it has a very comfortable and customizable place to lay your head. So whether you decide to turn on the lights to set the mood or simply to see, step into the light and watch the magic happen.

Shirea L. Carroll is a journalist and online TV host based in New Jersey.  Follow her on Twitter.

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