Florida Teen Who Posed as Doctor Sentenced to 3 Years in Prison

Malachi Love-Robinson (Palm Beach County, Fla., Sheriff’s Office via AP, file)
Malachi Love-Robinson (Palm Beach County, Fla., Sheriff’s Office via AP, file)

Malachi Love-Robinson first made headlines as a teenager after being caught posing as a doctor with his own medical practice in West Palm Beach, Fla. Three years later, Love-Robinson, now 20, will be spending the next three years in prison after admitting to his extensive con.


As the Sun-Sentinel notes, Love-Robinson was facing 14 criminal charges in the case but got a pretty sweet deal after admitting to his farce and agreeing to a three-and-a-half-year prison term, with credit for the 16 months he’s already served.

As part of the terms, Love-Robinson must also repay his victims a cool $80,000 when he gets out of prison, although he will not be on probation.

And trust that the deal is pretty sweet. As the Sun-Sentinel reports, Love-Robinson was facing the rest of his life in prison—up to 90 years—for his little doctor charade.

His plea deal ends his long and storied drama, which included some legal issues in north Virginia, where he pleaded guilty to separate fraud counts that do not involve medicine, and served a year behind bars.

Three years ago, when accusations about Love-Robinson first started circulating, he claimed that he had been “deeply saddened and a little disrespected.”

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So....I know that what this kid did was dangerous and could have really harmed some people. And also, he probably has some type of scary personality disorder or something. But....

there is a tiny part of me that likes his moxie.

I know it’s wrong. I have no excuse. Yes, he should be in prison. But I don’t know. This kid has initiative. That’s something.