Fla. Teen Accused of Masquerading as Doctor Indicted in Separate Va. Fraud Case

Malachi Love-Robinson Twitter
Malachi Love-Robinson Twitter

The Florida teen who is already facing multiple charges for allegedly pretending to be a doctor is now facing even more charges in a separate Virginia fraud case, NBC News reports.


According to the report, Malachi Love-Robinson was indicted by a Virginia grand jury for allegedly attempting to illegally buy a $35,000 Jaguar, authorities confirmed Wednesday.

The 19-year-old was arrested Sept. 9 in Stafford, Va., after allegedly giving a fake earnings statement at a car dealership. Love-Robinson was reportedly accompanied by an elderly woman he claimed was his mother.

“The employees there [became] suspicious of the situation due to some of the things Mr. Love-Robinson was saying,” the Stafford County Sheriff’s Office said in a release following the arrest. “They Googled his name and found that a subject with the same name had been arrested numerous times on fraud-type charges in the state of Florida.”

The employees then duped Love-Robinson, telling him that they wanted to check his credit, while they actually called the police. They then told the teen that his credit application had been approved and that he could come pick up his car.

When Love-Robinson arrived, detectives were waiting for him.

Love-Robinson insisted to police that the woman accompanying him, who he said was his godmother, had agreed to sign the loan. However, the unidentified woman told police that she had “no intention of doing so” and was actually surprised when investigators found that “there were two other loan applications submitted in the last couple days with her information.”


Detectives also checked in with the woman’s credit card company and uncovered that “there had been a $1,200 charge the day before for two iPads and a cellphone that she had not purchased.”

Those items were taken from Love-Robinson after his arrest, the sheriff’s office said. He was indicted on charges of false statements to obtain credit, obtaining money by false pretenses and identity fraud.


As NBC notes, Love-Robinson was not even supposed to be in Virginia at all, since he was arrested last February in Florida and hit with multiple charges, including practicing medicine without a license, forgery and grand theft for allegedly operating out of a clinic in West Palm Beach with no official medical training.

Per his pretrial release terms, he was not allowed to travel out of Florida without permission. However, the teen never told authorities that he was going car-shopping in another state, and the judge has since revoked his $26,000 bond, according to the report.


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Pretty sure the kid’s last name is Abagnale. Can’t get anyway with fun fraud in 2017.