Fla. Teen, 9-Year-Old Save Unsupervised 3-Year-Old From Drowning in Pool

Breanna Moseley
WKMG screenshot

Two young people in Florida are being hailed as heroes after preventing what could have been a tragic summer accident. Surveillance footage captured the frightening moment when an unsupervised 3-year-old girl almost drowned at a community pool, WKMG reports.

The girl is seen going into the pool at Timber Trace Apartments in Titusville last Friday and trying to swim before beginning to struggle. She eventually slips underwater, where she remains for more than two minutes.


"You can see in the pool, people are around this young girl and she goes under and they don't even notice," Amy Matthews from the Titusville Police Department told the news station.

Luckily, the girl's 9-year-old cousin spotted the child floating unconscious in the pool and carried her out of the water. That is when 18-year-old Breanna Moseley leaped into action, using the CPR training she had learned in school.

"I turned around and they're holding a little child," Moseley said. "She was just limp and not moving … "

Thanks to Moseley, the girl was breathing by the time emergency officials responded to the incident.


"Then I sat her up and held her and kept her warm. I just comforted her until the ambulance and her parents got there," Moseley said.

"[The toddler's] mom came back and she hugged me and cried. [She] told me how I was her guardian angel, and it made me realize, 'Wow, I actually did a pretty incredible thing,’”  the teen added.


The child was airlifted to the hospital, and authorities have called in the state Department of Children and Families to investigate.

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