U.S. Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-Fla.) will offer a federal anti-hazing law. (Getty)

The Miami Herald is reporting that Rep. Frederica Wilson, who represents Florida's 17th District, will propose a federal anti-hazing bill when Congress returns from holiday. The Miami Democrat says that her proposal is designed to ensure that no one endures a beating like the one leading to the death of Florida A&M drum major Robert Champion last month.

Wilson announced her plans Tuesday. She is offering the bill in response to the hazing-related death of  Champion, who was beaten during a hazing ritual for the Marching 100 during a band trip to the annual Florida Classic in Orlando. Wilson says that hazing is demeaning, dangerous and deadly and needs to be stopped.


An anti-hazing federal law is a good thing. We still don't understand why you would have to be hazed into a band anyway. Shouldn't talent be enough? Hopefully something good will come from the senseless death of a young man who had the world in front of him.

Read more at the Miami Herald.

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