Fla. College Student Arrested After Detaining Professor Against Her Will, Begging to Make Up Exam

Alachua (Fla.) County Jail

I’m sure we all know (or remember) that sinking feeling when we didn’t get the grade we wanted in one of our classes. Some of us accept it. Some of us may try to cajole our professor into giving us some sort of makeup assignment or test. One student at Santa Fe College in Gainesville, Fla., however, took it way too far when he allegedly held his professor against her will, refusing to release her until she allowed him to retake an exam.

According to the Gainesville Sun, Jude Chiedu Akachukwu, 19, was arrested May 23 after he allegedly went into the professor’s office without being invited, closed the door and blocked the doorway, telling his teacher that she could not leave until she agreed to allow him to make up an exam, the Santa Fe Police Department arrest report says.


When the professor, who remains unidentified, refused his demands, Akachukwu allegedly grabbed her arm as she tried to walk away. When the professor informed the 19-year-old that she would call the police, Akachukwu reportedly proceeded to throw a tantrum, throwing himself to the floor and crying.

The professor exited her office and went to a nearby classroom to teach. Akachukwu followed her and began to disrupt the class, apparently still intent on getting his own way.

Instead he had the entire book thrown at him and was arrested and charged with false imprisonment, battery and disturbing the peace.

Read more at the Gainesville Sun.

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