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Timothy Alejandro Ortiz

A St. Augustine, Fla., Burger King worker was arrested Wednesday after he reportedly set his uniform on fire after learning he had been let go.

Timothy Alejandro Ortiz, 24, was supposed to return his uniform to his manager, but he allegedly stormed out of the store with his shirt and hat in hand and then, in front of baffled customers, set the items ablaze and threw them on the sidewalk, the St. Augustine Record reports.


Ortiz got into "several arguments with the managers and customers who saw what happened and called the sheriff’s office," according to the police report viewed by the newspaper.

Ortiz reportedly fled the scene and was arrested at his home in Jacksonville shortly after the incident. Police claim that during the arrest, Ortiz became aggressive. One officer reportedly tried to use a stun gun on Ortiz, but the barbs did not reach Ortiz because he was running away. While the officer was reloading, Ortiz surrendered. He was taken to St. Johns County Detention Center, where he was charged with damaging property, resisting a police officer without violence and disorderly conduct.

Read more at the St. Augustine Record.

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