The stunning Marian Robinson and Michelle Obama

Regular readers may recall a few months back, when I wrote a joint suggesting that moving First Mother-In-Law Marian Robinson into the White House was a dummy move – it would be media fodder, cause for distraction and she would have her folks up in there playing cards and the like. Beyond the usual suspects calling me a “misogynist” (the preferred insult from people unable to make a coherent counter-point), professional alarmist and attorney at law Gina McCauley thought it was appropriate to conflate my social commentary into, you know… sexual assualt. She was just one of many people that took me to task for even suggesting that in-laws are a cause for conflict or distraction, as if any woman would move thier mother-in-law in without resistance.


One hundred days on and Mrs. Robinson routinely invites friends over, sits in at presidential functions and does up DC nightlife so much that on at least one occasion, the Obamas have been forced to hire a sitter. She's all up in the Kennedy Center, in the presidential VIP, holding court. Her social life has become a media distraction of its own and no doubt a source of consternation for President Obama. Just like Eddie's girl she likes to party all the time. You know Homeboy is like, if the whole reason we have your mama in our house is to watch the kids, why is she up in the VIP, when she needs to be putting the kids to B-E-D? Mark my words: Barack is going to have to regulate that situation. STAT.

FYI, this is all coming to pass just as I predicted. I have a knack for being right about this kind of thing.

You're welcome, America. I work for you.

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