First Lady Michelle Obama's White House Fantasy


While the White House is chock-full of more creature comforts than anyone can imagine, including a chef-equipped kitchen, a home gym, a flower shop and even a dental office, first lady Michelle Obama told a group of children during an event for Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day that she'd like to walk out the front door and do whatever she pleases, according to BET.


BET reports:

“It's hard to sneak around and do what you want. I've done it a couple of times,” she said during a question-and-answer session with a group of children. “But you know, one fantasy I have — and the Secret Service, they keep looking at me because they think I might actually do it — is to walk out the front door and just keep walking. Just go right over there and into some shops, and stop and have some ice cream and — yeah, go shopping.”


The one thing she would change about being first lady, Obama said, would be the ability to “sneak around a little bit more” and to “just up and decide … I'm going to walk to Georgetown.”

But she also acknowledged how hard the Secret Service officers work to protect her and thanked them for their hard work. She also said the thing she loves best about her job is spending time with young people, helping kids develop healthier lifestyles and working with military families.

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