Fires Are Raging in Calif. and Residents in Puerto Rico Still Don’t Have Drinking Water, so Why Is the President Tweeting About Jemele Hill?

Ron Sachs-Pool/Getty Images
Ron Sachs-Pool/Getty Images

In day No. 145 of “OMG, I hate this man,” it seems that the president has once again found a way to concern himself with matters that don’t concern him because he’s so low and petty he can’t help himself.

On Monday, ESPN announced that it would be suspending news anchor Jemele Hill for two weeks because she’s a real black woman with a spine in a white-male-centered sports news organization that bows at the altar of the NFL.


Remember that short-lived but really awesome professional football show Playmakers that was once on ESPN? Well, the NFL got that shit canceled because it didn’t like how the show depicted the NFL, even though it was completely fictional and didn’t even mention the NFL. That’s how much power the NFL has over the sports network.

Hill reportedly violated ESPN’s social media regulations when she suggested on Twitter that if people were upset about Jerry Jones’ mandate that all Dallas Cowboys players must stand for the national anthem or be benched, they should boycott the Cowboys’ advertisers.

Hill’s tweet came weeks after she caused quite a stir for tweeting that the president of the United States is, in fact, a white supremacist. Nevertheless, ESPN decided that this second time was enough. But anyone with eyes and decent vision can tell you that Hill is being punished for her first tweet.

Hill is a sportscaster who was tweeting on her own free time, and her job decided to suspend her. It’s happened before, and it’s subjective and feels really petty even for ESPN. That should’ve been it, but not when the president of the United States has the sensibilities of a petty-ass bitch. Of course, he took a Twitter victory lap and spelled shit wrong because that’s what he does.


What the fuck is a “mike”?* Please read this, 53 percent of white women who voted against your own self-interest to elect this man. Also, what is this thing that he always does when he just claims that ratings are tanking?


The president of the United States is a bratty, spoiled child whom no one can control or correct, and that should be scary for all of us. I think the base requirement of a sitting elected official should be spelling. You can’t even get out of third grade if your spelling game is not at grade level. Parents will have to conference with teachers, school administrators will be brought in to discuss specialized lesson plans, and yet the president of the United States is not at grade level, and no one thinks this is a problem.

I mean, it isn’t like Puerto Rico has drinking water, or raging wildfires aren’t killing people in California—but yes, let’s wade into the waters of a sportscaster’s suspension because why not? It isn’t as if Trump knows what the hell else is going on.


I’m convinced that the president tweets petty shit every morning because that’s where he’s safe, like a kid in class who doesn’t get long division, but he’s got games on his phone.

I hate this man.

* It’s been pointed out to me that “mike” is actually how some people spell “microphone” because ... wypipo.

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Because he is a complete, flaming asshole. He always has been and his asshole behavior has been apparent to anyone with a television over the past 40 or so years.

Anyone who voted for this is beyond stupid.