We’ve all seen it—close rivals like Dean Smith and Mike Krzyzewski giving each other a half shake/quarter back-slap as the winner of a hard fought game leans in and says something to the loser without breaking stride as fans rush the floor. They want you to think it’s something magnanimous like, “Good game, you’ll get us next time.” But maybe it’s something less noble, like “You paid off the refs and we still crushed you.”

The Buzz envisions a little bit of both scenarios when Bush, following tradition, escorts Obama to the inaugural ceremony on Tuesday. Meanwhile, both are getting in their parting words. Bush gave his final address to the nation on Thursday night, but it’s not at all clear that a whole lot of folks actually cut away from an all-new episode of 30 Rock to hear what the outgoing chief had to say.


Obama told CNN that he “always thought [Bush] was a good guy,” but not to be outdone, he not only gave his last radio address as president-elect on Saturday, Obama gave another, longer speech later in the day before embarking on his whistle-stop train ride to Washington, D.C. with Vice President-elect Joe Biden, telling Americans, “You proved once more that people who love this country can change it. And as I prepare to leave for Washington on a trip that you made possible, know that I will not be travelling alone.”

Good game, indeed.

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